Trump, an abysmal excuse for a POTUS and general scourge on humankind, has a tiny brain and even tinier hands. We all know this.

And whenever this sun-staring, Nazi-loving, alleged pedophile–supporting, speech-slurring, steak-hawking, daughter-flirting ingrate attempts to ingest water, his hands are on full display. Also on full display? The very obvious fact that Trump apparently doesn't know how to hold containers of liquid in any way even remotely resembling behavior traditionally attributed to human beings.

During a speech about Who Gives a Fuck on Monday, Trump grasped a tiny cup of water with both of his embarrassingly diminished hands and sipped as if he were some sort of newly discovered type of leech trying and failing to snack on some blood. Seriously. Toddlers are better at sipping than this dolt.

Without further ado, here's a selection of resulting tweets:

Of course, this doesn't mark the first time that a harrowing image of Trump attempting to ingest water like an actual person inspired a wave of mockery.

Fuck this idiot.