Coolio is down with Eminem using extended passages on his new album Revival to take aim at the increasingly bizarre cult of Trumpism. Annoyed face-to-face by some TMZ dweebs at LAX on Revival release day, Coolio said he hopes the political bent to Em's new album inspires younger artists to do the same. The "Gangsta's Paradise" and Kenan & Kel theme song hitmaker also shared his thoughts on how a Filet-O-Fish-addled wannabe dictator might respond to Em turning up the heat.

"People don't wanna talk about nothing these days," Coolio said of the baffling sector of music listeners who still don't want artists to speak out about 2017 fuckery. "People just wanna have fun and party and bullshit, so that's what it is. Nobody wants to hear anything that's stimulating their thought. That's how it is. We've been conditioned like that for a long time, especially the youngsters. They don't wanna hear anything that's controversial, really, because they don't have time for that."

Despite how he sees the current musical landscape, Coolio has faith in younger artists. "This generation, you know, I think they ready for something," he said. "It's just gotta take a couple people to come out and do it, you know. They follow each other. One cat come out and do something, they do what he does, if he get a hit. It's just, somebody gotta get a hit record doing something controversial and then everybody else will start doing it."

There are also no limits to how Trump, a "weirdo" by Coolio's assessment, might respond to artists using their platform to condemn him. "He might do anything," Coolio said. "Ain't no telling. He might have Eminem killed. You never know. Don't be surprised if Eminem pull up dead."

Em elaborated further on his relatable anti-Trumpism stance in a lengthy interview with Vulture Monday. "I'm not going to give any away now, but I've got lines ready if he says something about me," he said. "I get almost flustered thinking about him—that's how angry he makes me. The people that support him are the people he cares about the least and they don't even realize it."