In these increasingly dire times, it's important to occasionally step back and just marvel angrily at the sheer absurdity of it all. For example, let's observe the fact that neo-Nazi-sympathizer-in-chief Donald Trump isn't even capable of taking a sip of water in a manner resembling that of humans.

Truly disturbing imagery. The aquatic fuckery occurred during an attempt at publicly stringing words together out loud at the White House Wednesday. At one point, Trump halted this attempt and made a remark about not having water. "They don't have water," he said, remarkably achieving a full sentence that actually made sense. "That's OK." Trump was then informed of a nearby bottle of Fiji water that was unfortunately subjected to his hands and mouth.

Naturally, a bunch of people who are way better at Photoshop than I'll ever be have since initiated a Photoshop battle on Reddit using what is arguably the most disturbing of the Trump vs. bottle pics. Below, we present a selection of battle entries.

For the record, this is how humans traditionally engage in water-drinking:

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