Today in lame-ass people trying and failing to convince non-lames that their jobs are not lame, we have a disastrous attempt at relevance from the New York City Police Department. A New York Post-spotted video of the commanding officer of the department's Seventh Precinct on the Lower East Side and an assortment of neighborhood coordination officers is here to test your patience, and—holy fuck!—it's quite the test.

The clip begins with a nod to Drake's 2015 classic "Energy." For those keeping track at home, 2015 was nearly three years ago. The track is basically vintage now. At the time of this writing, it was unclear why someone would choose to make such an antiquated reference.

Photo Removed

"If this is the new police department, I'm glad I'm retired," a retired NYPD cop and presumed music historian told the Post Monday. After spreading embarrassment across the internet, the clip was reportedly removed amid mockery. In the event the rip up top is also taken down, catch the shit show here in full.

This is far from the first time a police department has been roasted into oblivion for its questionable community outreach efforts. The Billings Police Department in the just-do-yourself-and-avoid-it-entirely state of Montana, for example, scared people to death by pulling them over for minor traffic violations last month, only to eschew tickets in favor of turkeys.