Juli Briskman, an accomplished flipper of birds, is getting the support she deserves after getting canned from her job. As bird-flipping news aficionados will recall, a thrilling photo of Briskman presenting Trump's convoy of idiocy with a well-timed middle finger went as viral as humanly possible last month. Shortly after the virality peaked, Briskman lost her job.

"[Trump] was passing by and my blood just started to boil," Briskman, who worked in communications and marketing for government contractor Akima LLC, told the Huffington Post. "I'm thinking, DACA recipients are getting kicked out. He pulled ads for open enrollment in Obamacare. Only one-third of Puerto Rico has power. I'm thinking, he's at the damn golf course again."


Now, wise people in support of flipping off our current POTUS as often as possible are stepping up to raise money for Briskman's post-employment existence. A GoFundMe campaign spotted by Dazed Monday cites Briskman as "an inspiration to us all," which is very true. "I have connected with Juli and she has been officially setup as the beneficiary on this GoFundMe campaign," Rob Mello, who started the fundraiser last week, said. "All proceeds are being donated directly to Juli."

At the time of this writing, Mello's efforts have raised more than $58,000. The campaign's goal is $100,000.

Last week, Briskman stopped by the Today show for another interview. Echoing her previous remarks to the Post, Briskman said the middle finger was the only way to send Trump the message she wanted to give him. "It felt great," she said. "I don't think anyone's asked me that question before, but it actually felt great, you know? I got to tell him, hopefully, how I really feel."

*cranks YG's "FDT" to 11*

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