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Smoking or otherwise consuming marijuana and related weed products is, by most accounts, a fantastic way to spend one's time. Sadly, weed also costs money. And for those unfortunate enough to reside in an area too lame to have enacted some form of legal status, the price of said weed is set solely at the dealer's discretion.

So what is one to do when a dealer randomly hikes the price? For one weed enthusiast in Australia, the answer is simple: Alert the pigs.

Hmmm. What?!?! After being hit with a price increase from her usual go-to guy, the Huffington Post reports a woman in the Northern Territory of Australia called local police and demanded they open an investigation into this "outrageous" turn of events. She then refused to offer any additional details, choosing instead to hang up the phone.

In a Facebook post boasting of the phone exchange last week, the Northern Territory Police Fire and Emergency Services recommended that anyone who feels they are being ripped off by their dealer simply hit them up and let them know. Pro tip: DON'T FUCKING DO THAT.

As ludicrous as this report sounds, it still has nothing on that time two dudes who were smuggling, like, 20 pounds of weed from Nevada to Montana got so gloriously high that they called the cops on themselves:

Speaking of large amounts of money and equally large amounts of weed, you got an extra $400 to throw down for Valentine's Day and live in beautiful Los Angeles? You should totally get your partner this bouquet of weed.