Hundreds of thousands of protesters took the to the streets on Saturday for a historic Women's March on Washington. Following Friday's Inauguration protests throughout the Downtown area of Washington D.C., Saturday morning saw the crowd of protesters growing by the thousands into the afternoon. The Women's March successfully shut down multiple streets, include the area surrounding the Washington Monument.

The feeling of civil unrest was palpable, however demonstrations overall felt much more organized and community oriented than those that coincided with Donald Trump's official swearing-in:

Protesters—men and women—chanted for protection of women's reproductive rights, queer equality, civil rights, human rights, as well as other social justice-focused critiques of the Trump Administration's already evident assault on these issues.

Hardly confined to D.C. alone, sister marches went down nationwide—including a celebrity-studded Park City protest at Sundance that was led by Chelsea Handler.

As Bust reports, the sister marches also saw global turnouts, with women across the world voicing their support of the international coalition of feminists.

D.C.'s protest saw support from household names that included America Ferrera, Gloria Steinem, Michael Moore, Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johansson, Janelle Monae, according to the New York Times. And as the Times also points out, President Donald Trump uncharacteristically went out of his way to ignore criticisms of his policies and administration in a since-deleted tweet that read:

Complex was on the ground covering the march throughout the day. Check out some of the protest highlights captured by Complex staff below:

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