Nine people were reportedly injured and a suspect was shot and killed by police during a shooting in Houston, Texas on Monday morning.​

According to Houston's ABC 13, Houston Police received a call at approximately 6:30 a.m. on Monday about an active shooter at a shopping center in southwest Houston. At this time, Houston Police believe a single gunman—a lawyer named Nathan Desai—opened fire at the shopping center and injured nine people before he was shot by police.

ABC 13 reports six victims were taken to local hospitals, and three others, with broken glass-related injuries, were treated at the scene before being released. Reports say that one victim is in critical condition, but one is in fair condition with three others in good condition.

A bomb squad has investigated the suspect's vehicle, a Porsche, which was found parked near the scene. The vehicle had additional weapons inside, according to the police.

The shooter's motivation is not yet clear, but the police are investigating "if issues at his [law] firm led to shooting." ABC 13 reports that DeSai's law firm had dissolved a half year ago, and that DeSai was troubled by that.

Several witnesses have spoken with ABC 13 about what they saw take place during the active shooter situation:

This is a developing story.