Next time you find yourself running through Oshawa, Ontario, make sure to watch your step.

Earlier today, Durham police reported that a man had discovered an old undetonated bomb in Oshawa's Intrepid Park. The rusty old thing packed a considerable punch, and dates all the way back to WWII.

Mortar shells themselves are highly explosive, and even one sixty years old could be dangerous to civilians. Thankfully, the bomb squad at nearby CFB Trenton, were able to conduct a controlled blast and eliminated the device before it became a real issue.

Dormant bombs like this are spotted more frequently than one could imagine, and have been since the conclusion of the Second World War. Unsurprisingly, Intrepid Park has a military history, having previously acted as a training ground for elite espionage units. Back in the day, it was known as "Camp-X", a high security base that housed would-be secret agents. In the 1940s, the location was home to high-profile inhabitants like authors Roald Dahl and (supposedly) James Bond scribe, Ian Fleming. Both of whom were fulfilling their service at the Canadian location.

As an incredible aside, army colonel George H. White, once referred to Oshawa’s Camp-X as “the school of mayhem and murder”. Maybe we’re too hyped up on Stranger Things, but the place sounds like some sort of weird and deadly base. We suppose if you did indeed step on an old mortar bomb, the place would fulfill our suspicions.