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The University of Connecticut's most cherished connoisseur of drunken macaroni and cheese outbursts has returned. However, instead of invading headlines for reasons similar to his previously documented rants of passion for pasta, Luke Gatti was arrested for fighting with police officers at a rehab facility in Florida. Gatti was booked on charges of battery and resisting an officer with violence on May 28, according to Mass Live.

According to a police report obtained by Complex, officers were called to the local Wellness Resource Center in Boca Raton after Gatti attempted to flee the facility without his shoes. Gatti had been checked in to the rehab center just one day earlier following a stint at a detox facility in Fort Lauderdale. As the responding officers attempted to detain Gatti, a scuffle ensued before he ultimately complied with the officers' requests. According to the report, Gatti also made multiple "suicidal statements" to the officers.

The Boca Raton incident, however, is not the first of its kind for the inadvertent star of one of 2015's most ubiquitous viral videos:

In addition to that slice of cheese mania above, which ultimately got Gatti reportedly expelled from UConn, Gatti was arrested twice in 2014 while enrolled as a student at the University of Massachusetts. According to Heavy, Gatti hurled a racial epithet at a police officer before ultimately being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct Sept. 1. Just two weeks later, Gatti was arrested again for getting into a violent dispute with police officers who were trying to break up a noisy party.

Speaking to Complex's own Chris Spata last November, the former manager of the of the Union Street Market captured in the now infamous macaroni clip spoke candidly about the events of that fateful evening. "I have never actually tried that combination, but the mac and cheese there really is pretty good," Dave Robinson told Complex at the time, referencing Gatti's penchant for that bacon jalapeño mac and cheese recipe. "I like jalapeños and how can you go wrong with bacon? I'm sure if I'd worked there another day or two, I'd have eaten a lot of it." Gatti has since apologized directly to Robinson for his actions.