Lots of politicians do things to ward off boredom during important meetings. Sen. John McCain, for instance, apparently likes to play poker during hearings. Some dudes like to sext an intern. Down in South America, there's at least one guy who casually surfs porn sites right out in the open.

Lino Peres, an alderman and architecture professor in Floridanópolis, Brazil, was spotted on the homepage of that foremost streamer of leprechaun porn and corn shucking videos, Pornhub, during a city council meeting this week, The Daily Dot reports

Someone in the meeting snapped a photo of the alderman at the perfect moment (observe the thumbs up from that guy in the background) when you can see the unmistakable (I'm assuming) Pornhub homepage on his screen.

Too bad he wasn't an American congressman. He would have had a much more discreet copy of this month's Hustler to check out instead.