What's one thing you could do as a U.S. senator sitting in on a committee hearing about the impending military strike on Syria? You could play poker on your phone, that's what.

That's exactly what Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona did during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing yesterday concerning America's use of force in Syria. The Washington Post happened to snap a picture of McCain while he was playing the game on his iPhone (which you can now see above), and they quickly posted it on their website. Of course, McCain caught a lot of flack for this, and took to Twitter to respond:

All that managed to accomplish, though, was add more fuel to the fire, as hashtags bashing McCain erupted on Twitter. For instance, the #JohnMcCainIsMoreUselessThan hashtag:

And the #ThingsJohnMcCainCouldDoDuringSyriaWarHearings hashtag:

Whether you think this was a bad move or not (in hindsight, yes, it was a bad move, but not that bad), don't bust out your phone when in a situation when stakes are high (cough). It looks even worse when you're being paid by taxpayers to pay attention.