UPDATE (2/3/15):

Hours after the initial shading went down, Hillary's camp has responded to Bernie's drag on Twitter in not one, but four tweets.

And, eager to have the last word in this Twitter beef, Bernie clapped back with this:

Get the popcorn ready. The campaign trail is a long one.

See original story below.

Twitter feuds are a dime a dozen these days, thanks in large part to the protective buffer of computer screens. Whether it's Nicki Minaj dragging reality TV star Farrah Abraham, or Kanye West clapping back at Wiz Khalifa everyone, celebrity Twitter beef is rampant (and generally inane af). With election season fully upon us, it appears the two Democratic front runners are sparring a bit themselves now. Today Bernie Sanders's camp clapped back at Hillary Clinton on Twitter, calling into question her self-asserted political history as a progressive.

Here's how this shook out. At around 9 a.m., Hillary tweeted the following:

Innocent enough, right? This kind of back-and-forth is par for the course when candidates are on the campaign trail—especially since these two are very much head-to-head following the .3% lead Hillary received at the Iowa caucus. But Bernie wasn't willing to let this one go. His camp clapped back a little over an hour later with this:

Oof. Hillary's camp has yet to respond. As we inch closer to election day, this will hardly be the last we see of this kind of lit sparring that's typically observed in rants from Donald Trump and furious musicians.

The Internet brings out the beef in all of us—even Bernie.