When it was reported that Joseph Fiennes, a white British actor, was cast to play Michael Jackson in a British TV movie, there was instant outrage—for obvious reasons. Fiennes responded by defending the choice, saying Jackson was "probably closer to my color than to his original color," and completely missed the point. The film, called Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon, depicts Jackson's cross-country joyride Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando just after 9/11 and is reportedly based on a true story.

Apparently Chris Brown was one of the many people displeased by Fiennes' casting. With seemingly no provocation, the singer took to Twitter last night to let everyone know where he stands on the matter, you know, in case we care. Let it be known: Chris Brown does not support that corny-ass shit.

In response to the network's extremely questionable casting decision, many have made reference to a 1993 interview Jackson did with Oprah Winfrey, in which he calls the idea of a white child playing him in a Pepsi commercial "horrifying" and "crazy." 

While he was at it Brown also bashed the Grammys, just because.  

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