Over the weekend some celebrity Twitter beef captured our attention and held it hostage for about an hour while unlikely rivals Nicki Minaj and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham dragged each other publicly. Lest you were wondering what the Internet's favorite famous person had to say about this, Chrissy Teigen has offered her opinion on the fued. 

Let's back up a second. This all presumably started after Nicki Minaj caught a recent episode of Abraham's show (lol) and observed her being kind of a POS to her mom. Because reality television is bible truth and in no way, shape, or form contrived or scripted entertainment, Nicki decided to call her out for it. Here's how that went down:

And then:

This didn't play well with Abraham, who then (foolishly) decided to test Nicki:

The two went back and forth for a while but as we reported before, Nicki ultimately won because, of course. It was great while it lasted and then we all basically forgot about it until Chrissy Teigen (bless) decided to weigh in as well by tweeting exactly what the rest of us were thinking.

Same always, Chrissy.

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