The 21st century has been a truly historic time for women in business, as gender barriers are finally starting to break down thanks to decades of activism and the tireless work of feminists the world over. From health and beauty, fashion and fitness, restaurants and hospitality, and more—it’s women who are leading the charge and pushing culture and commerce forward. 

Owning and operating a business is tough even in the best of times, and as we all know, the last year hasn’t exactly been that. A recent report published by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub highlights many of the challenges facing women entrepreneurs in light of the pandemic. Namely, SMEs have been the hardest hit; because women are more likely to own newer/smaller businesses, they’re automatically the most affected. 

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we want to recognize women entrepreneurs around the country for their incredible resilience and for adding such value to our lives in so many areas. The next time you want to treat yourself or someone else, consider doing so from the below list.