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As Tyler, the Creator’s recent show-stealing “LUMBERJACK” performance at the 2021 BET Awards made strikingly clear, it is indeed Call Me If You Get Lost season, which makes it pretty damn hard to care about any other recent release.

In that spirit, TMZ has come through with a new report detailing the work that went into Tyler’s recently unveiled new chain. The total cost for the chain and pendant, per the report, was an estimated $500,000. 

Alex Moss, the creative jeweler responsible for this piece, recently gave fans a closer look at his work on Instagram. In the comments of Moss’ post, Tyler noted that the piece—which was seen last week on the BET Awards red carpet and was met with some fans connecting the bellhop imagery to a previous Grammys fit from Tyler— took “months” to complete.

Wednesday’s TMZ report gets a bit more specific, noting that the project first began when Tyler contacted Moss about seven months ago. Tracking down the colored diamonds included in the final product, meanwhile, took four months alone.

All told, the piece boasts more than 186 carats in diamonds and 60 carats in sapphire, as well as more than 23,000 hand-set stones.

The praise for Moss’ work, of course, is well-documented. Other recent projects from Moss include an alien pendant the New York jeweler made for JP THE WAVY, as seen below:

On Tuesday, Tyler dropped the video for the Call Me If You Get Lost cut “CORSO.” It rules, obviously, and can be seen below: