Subtle nods to Reebok pieces both classic and yet-to-come are a key element to the recently released “CrateMaster” short film, helmed by the brand’s VP of creative direction, Kerby Jean-Raymond.

“For inner city areas like Brooklyn, where this particular story is told, access to play is a big issue,” Jean-Raymond explained in a press release. “You have so many people with so little resources and even less space. While ‘CrateMaster’ shines a light on that, it more so defines the power of community and play that motivates these youth to create their own access, to be with one another and to compete.”

Speaking further on the inspiration behind this latest facet of the current Reebok era that largely began with Jean-Raymond’s joining last September, the Pyer Moss founder said the new short film is indicative of the brand’s new and ongoing approach to storytelling.

“Building upon this idea that ‘life is not a spectator sport,’ we’ll impart on our audience the power of movement and how you can move, no matter where you’re from or the resources you may or may not have,” Jean-Raymond said. “This people-first perspective is authentic to Reebok and will inform our dialogue moving forward.”

Reebok, in an effort to further support the youth of Brownsville, as well as those cast in the short film, will be donating needed equipment and other supplies to the Friends of Hilltop for the Hilltop Playground and Recreation Center. And earlier this month, Jean-Raymond and Reebok hosted a community event in Brooklyn celebrating the premiere of the “CrateMaster short” film. 

Below, see stills from the short, as well as behind-the-scenes shots and premiere event photos: