I have to ask you a little bit about the music. Culture 3 is almost here. What can the Migos fans look forward to? Are y’all working with anyone new? Is there new producers that you guys tapped into? 
Greatness. The greatest album of this year. The greatest album of the summer. It’s back open. I feel like this album going to open up the world. We’re having fun and smiling again, you know what I mean? Everybody’s been hurtin’, and going through this pandemic, and losing loved ones. I feel like this is a breakthrough. This is the sonic boom to the new life and new world that we live in. We’ve been going through this pandemic for like a year and a half. So, we’re coming back with Culture 3. We haven’t dropped any music in three years. The year that we was going to drop, the pandemic hit. So I just feel like it’s a breath of fresh air. 

We got some good guys on there. We got our good friends on there. It’s going to be the greatest album of the year. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into it. We had a lot of time to go over and a lot of time to bond and be together with this album. So, Culture 3. 6/11.

Leading up to the album release, you guys have been dropping a ton of snippets online. It’s clear that you’re all super locked in. The verses have all been crazy. I know that none of you really ever stopped making music entirely, but is it nice to be back in that album mode? Is that vibe different for you guys when you all get together for the album?
I just want to go see the fans again. I miss my fans. We miss our fans. We miss performing. You can’t express your music if you’re not sweating and running around on stage, it’s hard to. Sometimes you don’t see the picture until I show you the picture. I just want to be back and bless the fans with my music, and touch ‘em, and see ‘em.

Quavo x Lids x New Era 59Fifty Atlanta Braves 9
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There was some people out there that started overlooking the Migos since it had been three years since Culture 2 and everything. Is that extra motivation at all when you guys got in the booth for this one? Do you pay attention to that talk?
Nah. That’s just the young generation. You leave the porch for two years, somebody’s gonna be sittin on it. But it’s not the throne. Cause we sit at the top and we respect everything that’s going on. But that’s just the youth. They got a short attention span. Like you said, it’s been three years. It’s time to take control and bring the spotlight back to the stage. 

So one of the people that you’ve been seen with in recent months is Bobby Shmurda. Can we expect a feature? Have you been in the booth with him? Is there anyone that we can expect to hear on Culture 3?
We got a really, really, really hard record with Pop Smoke. 

And that’s my dog, Bobby Shmurda. He’s been my friend since day one, stayed in contact with him the whole time while he was locked down. He told me he wanted me to come get him when he got out. That’s what I did. We men of our words, just keep it 1000. Loyalty lasts forever.

One more quick thing, on the basketball front. We’ve seen you show off your skills on the basketball court countless times like you did at All-Star Weekend in Atlanta. So who’s the next opponent? If you had to issue a proper challenge right now, who do you want to defend the title against? 
Anybody. It don’t matter. I’m the best. Can’t nobody beat me.