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As the Tokyo Olympics quickly approach, Nike SB has teamed up with renowned artist and former professional skateboarder Piet Parra to create federation kits for the United States, Japan, France, and Brazil.

Using each of the countries popular sports to inspire the look, each kit is unique and varies in color and design. The U.S. kit was inspired by a basketball jersey, the Japanese kit by a baseball jersey, Brazil with soccer, and France with tennis. There is also a bird on each kit that uniquely aligns with each country.

“When we talked to Piet about the designs, we asked him, ‘Take what’s happening in Tokyo out of the picture for a second; if you were to make a kit on your own, what would it be,’” said Nike Design Lead Donavan Harris.

“We started to see the natural connections between a landscape and the act of skating,” he continued. “You don’t skate in a vacuum. Everything that’s around you plays a role in drawing new lines.”

Being that the Tokyo Olympics will mark the first that skateboarding will be recognized as an Olympic event, it was only right that Nike SB take over the design and handling of these specific kits.

These kits will be debuting on skaters Nyjah Huston, Yuto Horigome, and Leticia Bufoni, among others, during the Olympic games. We can also expect the Nike SB x Parra Federation Kits to be available on July 17th at skate shops and July 20th on SNKRS.