Think back to middle school and high school. It was a time to figure out what your genuine interests were, make friends, try out for the school sports team, or maybe just stress over the next math test coming up. Generally speaking, most kids are navigating the same experiences in their own way. What most kids aren’t doing though, at age 13, is starting their own clothing line. But Sacramento native Keith Herron’s teenage years were a bit different. Not only was he going to school and experiencing the normal day-to-day of the average teenager, he was establishing the foundation for his own clothing brand, Advisry.

Most clothing brands kids start in middle school or high school sell graphic T-shirts to kids in the hallway and they quickly fade away within a few months. But Advisry is still growing, seven years later. Herron’s brand has gone from heat-pressed T-shirts with graphics on Microsoft Paint to short film presentations at New York Fashion Week. And Herron is still just barely old enough to legally drink. 

Founded in 2014, Advisry offers a mix of graphic items and original cut and sew items that range from jackets to tapestry shorts. Herron’s graphic references lean heavily on pop culture. A Krispy Kreme logo flip was an early signature. Other T-shirts have referenced legendary figures like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Kobe Bryant. Superheroes like Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk have also been in the mix. Some take a more serious approach by nodding to significant figures in Black history like Huey P. Newton or Bobby Seale. Herron says these choices come from his own personal interests.

“I love making references to my childhood or certain things that resonate with me personally,” says Herron. “I would say it’s very subconscious. Like the Krispy Kreme logo, that was a main logo for me because I used to eat Krispy Kreme donuts religiously. I was obsessed with them. They didn’t have one in Sacramento, so I used to ask my mom to go to Oakland anytime she was out there and pick me up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts on her way home.”

The other aspect of Advisry, which is arguably its strongest, is its cut and sew pieces. Over the years, its collections have included highlights like a pink gradient work jacket, windbreakers with 3M taping, all-over print vacation shirts, and even leather sandals. An original line of sneakers, womenswear, and even suiting are going to be introduced in the coming collections too. Herron says pivoting toward elevated pieces has been the result of an internship with Gucci and his taste level maturing. He took part in the program, Gucci Changemakers, in 2020. He says the experience showed him the ins and outs of running a luxury fashion house.

“It was a huge honor to be able to learn the industry at that level. That’s basically when I got the inspiration to move towards designer fashion,” says Herron.