There are few creatives within the world of streetwear who could be considered multi-hyphenate talents. Verdy is one of them. The 34-year-old Japanese designer isn’t simply a graphic artist known for his whimsical cartoon characters like Vick. He’s become one of Japan’s premier cultural tastemakers much like his predecessors NIGO, Jun Takahashi, and Hiroshi Fujiwara, who all blew up Japanese streetwear in Ura Harajuku in the ‘90s.

Anyone who’s been invested in streetwear these last couple of years can’t miss his work. His brands, Girls Don’t Cry and Wasted Youth, have released hyped collaborations with the likes of Budweiser, Nike SB, Undercover, Human Made, and more. But beyond his highly sought after releases, Verdy is the leader of a pack who’s waving the flag for a new generation of Japanese labels and streetwear designers. This weekend, he will take the baton from Takashi Murakami by hosting ComplexCon this year and looks to introduce attendees to the latest and greatest from Japan’s burgeoning creative scene. 

ComplexCon is nothing new to Verdy. He has been presenting at the festival since 2017 and previously told us that attending ComplexCon inspired him to launch his own two-day culture festival (Verdy Harajuku Day) in 2019. Verdy will bring his characters and brands to numerous collaborations releasing at the event and on exclusive ComplexCon Gift Shop merch. He will also curate a special music selection on the Pigeons & Planes Stage both days. 

Here, Verdy speaks to us about the Japanese labels he’s bringing to ComplexCon, how he approaches collaborations, and what he’s most excited about this weekend.