Founded in 2018 by Walid Anan, emerging London-based fragrance label Black Oud is certainly one to watch if you’re into your fragrances.

Both innovative and exclusive, the brand has already created a huge stir with celebrities across both sides of the Atlantic—including the likes of Burna Boy, Serena Williams, Giggs and Fat Joe—resulting in one of the hottest parfumiers stemming from the capital.

Defined as a new beacon of artisanal craftsmanship, the imprint currently boasts an array of products which draw on various scents created by Anan himself. From “Dark Rouge” to its best-selling “Phantom” release, Anan’s application to his craft led him to the Southwest of Europe to sit with some of the continent’s best perfumers to develop a number of different oud-based aromas, with Black Oud fragrances imported from both Europe and the Middle East.

Speaking on the brand and Black Oud’s future, Walid Anan said: “Black Oud is far more than just a perfume brand: it’s about an experience. Through consistency and the work, we hope to continue to build Black Oud as one of the leading oud brands in the UK and Europe.”

Check out the fragrances on offer via the Black Oud webstore.