Billie Eilish’s fans may know her better than she knows herself. 

The pop star appeared this week on The Ellen Show to promote her string of new projects, and in conversation, she let host Ellen DeGeneres know that her decision to shy away from her classic green and black hair and go blonde was partly due to a fan edit— likely in the form of a photo— that she spotted online. 

“I’ve been wanting blonde for a while,” Billie shared. “I don’t know what came over me. I saw a fan edit when I had green hair, and it was like, me just with whatever hair color I had, and they just edited blonde hair on me, and I was like, ‘Ahhh! It’s so sick I want it!’ I kind of thought of it as a dream, I didn’t think it was going to happen because my hair’s been through so much, I thought it would burn it all off if I tried — but I did it.”

She also said the whole process “took about six weeks.” 

“We started—I think January 16 was the first day, and then it was two weeks of nothing,” she said. “Healing, letting my hair kind of take it in and digest and recover, and then again, and then two more weeks and then again and then a week—oh my God. It took a long time.”

Billie’s revelation comes just a week after she opened up to British Vogue about her style transformation and the concept of dressing in “what makes you feel good.”

On Ellen, Eilish further discussed her upcoming sophomore album Happier Than Ever, and her new book, “Billie Eilish,” which features archival photos from throughout her 19 years of life. 

“It took so much work,” Billie said about the book. “It was months of me going through every single hard drive of my entire life and pickin out pictures, literally from when I was born up until now. And it was an insane process and it was all completely curated by me. We took a couple days and just laid every single picture out on the ground of my living room, my kitchen, the kitchen counter, the dining room table, the hallway and the couch – were all covered in printed-out pictures.”

Billie’s new book is now available and her upcoming record drops July 30 via Darkroom/Interscope Records.