It’s not easy finding a stylish pair of shorts. Let’s keep it a stack, most of us would rather spend our hard earned bread on some rare Japanese denim than a good pair of shorts. But when you’re stuck in a poorly air-conditioned situation, and start sweating bullets, it’s going to get real uncomfortable down there. When it’s 94 degrees outside, you probably really wish you didn’t wear those $800 archive Undercover jeans. Trust that no one is going to care about that fit you put together when you’re pulling up to the function soaked in sweat and smelling musty. 

Thankfully, there’s a wide range of shorts you can buy that fulfill your needs for both comfort and style. Whether it’s timeless classics like Patagonia “Baggies,” ever-popular mesh basketball shorts from Eric Emanuel, a pair of elevated sweatshorts from a designer like Rick Owens, or a functional pair of nylon shorts from outdoor brands like Goldwin, there’s certainly a pair that’ll fit your style. Remember, a comfortable pair of shorts is an investment that will pay off when you feel that cool summer breeze between your thighs. No amount of rips in a pair of jeans could deliver that same feeling. 

With summer kicking off in a couple of days, there isn’t a better time to stock up on shorts. Many of these items may sell out as temperatures start to rise. So make sure you cop the best pairs you see here as soon as possible. And please, make sure you complement your shorts with a beautiful graphic T-shirt. Check out our full list below.