When you see a brand appear on Complex UK’s style pages, you’re likely to assume it falls under the ‘streetwear’ category, however AELIZA founder Jack Harper is on a mission to prove his brand is anything but. This is no slight to the streetwear scene, but that sort of pigeon-holing is what Harper is trying to get his imprint to sit directly opposite to.

AELIZA seeks to ask questions to their audience at every interval and product drop, with their mission statement, “What Does It Mean To Be A Free Individual?”, emblazoned on every garment. It’s clear when talking to Harper that AELIZA is all about a progressive sense of discovery rather than just a brand that follows the hyped styles or conventional patterns of the day.

This philosophical, psychological approach to clothing was undoubtedly fostered from Harper’s work as a designer with Samuel Ross at A-COLD-WALL* and what resonated with Virgil Abloh, whom he worked with on an Off-White x Nike x @arch_itecture project earlier this year. Having such an anthropological outlook underpins all of his work so far, and AELIZA is a continuation of that conversation. “You can’t put a price on a mindset, but you can on a lifestyle,” Harper says. “I want to encourage a mindset.”

Getting to know more about the brand following their first full drop and why they should be on your radar, we caught up with Jack Harper for a candid chat about why the brand is striving to be anything but streetwear, the importance of vulnerability, and the beauty of rediscovery through his imprint.

Behind the scenes photography by Kemka Ajoku.