Supreme Creative Director Angelo Baque Defends the Brand's Awful Customer Service

Supreme's creative director Angelo Baque speaks about the intentionally hostile vibe of its store employees.

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If you’ve ever stepped foot into one of Supreme's stores, then you know that customer service isn’t the brand’s strong suit. In a new interview conducted by Gosha Rubchinskiy and Alexandra Gordienko for Marfa Journal, the New York label’s creative director Angelo Baque spoke about the intentionally hostile vibe of its store employees.

Baque didn’t mince words when talking about the store staff that works at the various shops around the globe. "Skateboarding has never been nice. Let’s make that clear. It started as an outsider thing, and skateboarders have always been assholes," he candidly explained. The creative director also made it very clear that he sees absolutely no problems with the attitude of the staff. "So if you have legitimate skaters working in stores then they are going to be fucking assholes. I love them for being who they are. If you don’t like it then don’t fucking shop."

The conversation then shifted to the topic of Los Angeles—specifically the Fairfax district that has been home to Supreme’s L.A. shop for over a decade. Baque discussed his distaste for the recent changes to the neighborhood. "We’ve contemplated moving off of Fairfax, but at the end of the day we were there before, and we will be there after," he said. "It is what it is. I can’t really see the store being anywhere else in L.A."

Lastly, Baque shared some insight on how Supreme finds young skaters and creatives to work with. As expected, it’s pretty low-key, as he revealed he mainly relies on Supreme’s inner circle to point him in the right direction. "It all comes down to curiosity—asking the guys at the LA store what was going on," he said. "They would always tell me about some crew skate rats that I should check out."

You can pick up the latest issue of Marfa Journal here to read the full interview​. 

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