Supreme's employees are typically a tight-lipped bunch, but brand director Angelo Baque opened up about the brand's origins, kids waiting in line, and if 'Preme has had any misses over the years in an interview with GQ.

"When the brand was started, the intention was that, my boss James Jebbia, wanted to make gear that reflected the skaters of New York City," Baque tells GQ. "In '94 [when Supreme was founded] hip-hop was at an all-time high... it was a specific look and there wasn't anything that really reflected that in skateboarding and that kind of birthed what Supreme was and to this day that's still the DNA of what we do."

Baque also sees the huge lines outside of Supreme stores as a big positive. "I'm pretty sure if I was 15, I'd be in line, too," he says. "Kids are out there connecting and politicking, and I feel like the lines now have become the new record shop." 

Supreme doesn't have any misses, only products that take longer to hit, according to Baque. "I wouldn't say there are misses, it's more about stuff that we make and kids, it goes right over their heads." 

We can't help but wonder if the interview taking place in Paris has anything to do with the new Supreme store that is rumored to open there.  

Watch the full interview above to find out what Baque reveals about Supreme's next Spring collection.