Bobby Hundreds just penned an interesting and insightful piece on The Hundreds' blog, explaining the reasoning behind the brand's April Fool's joke, and why he thinks Fairfax Avenue is changing. 

"This year, there was more of a point behind our annual April Fool’s joke," he wrote. "It wasn’t to diss A&F or stir animosity against malls. It was to hold a mirror to Streetwear and to the Fairfax block, to its inhabitants and followers, to take a long, hard look at themselves (At ourselves, I should say. We’re not excluded from this!)." 

The Hundreds has called Fairfax home since 2007. The block is also where Supreme, Hall of Fame, and Diamond Supply Co. amongst others have set up shop, but recent additions have altered the scene, according to Bobby.

"It seems like Fairfax is (d)evolving exponentially, that it’s taken a turn for the worst or the best, depending on who you ask, and the same can be said for Streetwear around the world," he said.

In addition to explaining why he thinks the block and the scene has changed, Bobby recalled back to a time when he and The Hundreds met some opposition from "35 year old, grown-ass men with beards and Nikes and no girlfriends who didn’t understand the Internet" or how he "could sell and expensive T-shirt to thousands of Streetwear fans around the globe."

Looking back now, Bobby says the takeaway was the lesson of embracing the next generation. "This is a young person’s game," he said, adding that the "youth will always win."

Read the entire post here.

[via The Hundreds]