Gallery Dept. Founder Josué Thomas Releases First Single From New Art That Kills Label

The Skeleton Beach project's first track is a sign of things to come, as the Art That Kills label is slated to release a full-length project soon.

Skeleton Beach cover art for new single

Image via Publicist

Skeleton Beach cover art for new single

Gallery Dept. founder Josué Thomas has launched the new “Thought I Wouldn’t Like That?” track, which serves as the first official single from his Art That Kills label.

Released under the name Skeleton Beach, the track sees Thomas partnering with TRENTTRUCE for an inaugural listening experience they’re billing as being “dark but playful.” Revealed in press notes is the fact that the two are also working on a full-length Skeleton Beach project, which is said to be arriving soon.

art that kills label logo

Watch the Luke Stone-directed, Maxine Carey-Gorey and Yijia Li-animated video for “Thought I Wouldn’t Like That?” below. The goth rock-categorized track, produced by Thomas and co-written by Thomas with TRENTTRUCE, is also available on all major streaming platforms.

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The formal launch of the independent Art That Kills label (which takes its name from a long-used slogan of sorts) is further commemorated through a variety of new merch pieces, all available here.

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