Digital Wearables Brand MNTGE Launches Program for Rare Vintage Pieces and More

According to co-founder Sean Wotherspoon, it was important to treat each piece as a work of art while also bringing them "to the digital space."

a look at a new mint pass program launch

Image via MNTGE

a look at a new mint pass program launch

MNTGE—a digital wearables brand founded Nick Adler, Sean Wotherspoon, and Brennan Russo—has rolled its new MNTGE Pass program.

In short, the pass gives holders a shot at exclusive collections, entrance to a token-protected Discord community, and a change at bagging some truly unique vintage pieces. Additionally, MNTGE Pass holders will have exclusive opportunities to attend special real-world events and more, all under the MNTGE umbrella that’s described as being aimed at bringing to life a combination of “clout, collections, and relationships with Web3 and blockchain technology.”

While the trio of MNTGE founders includes names that are likely familiar to readers, the same could be said of the brand’s roster of advisors and investors. Included in those ranks are Colette founder Sarah Andelman, Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, Highsnobiety founder Jeff Carvalho, Jon Wexler of Adidas and Fanatics, and more.

“MNTGE to us is really meta-vintage,” Wotherspoon said in a recent explainer clip. “You know, it’s really bringing the personality, the characteristics, the unique and original wear of vintage items to the metaverse. I’m really excited to kick off MNTGE as the first collection because I kind of want to set that bar.”

As Wotherspoon further detailed, his years of collecting and archiving have all led up to this point.

“I’ve always kept a very private collection that really not a lot of people have seen and I’ve always kind of held them for a moment I didn’t know existed yet,” he said. “That’s MNTGE for me. These are pieces of art and we wanna preserve them in time but we also wanna bring them to the digital space as a digital wearable.”

For more info on the larger MNTGE experience, including a breakdown of the MNTGE Pass Day One membership and plans for the MNTGE Market comprised of Wotherspoon-curated vintage wears, hit this link.

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