Corteiz Asks 'How Do You Say It?' in New Ad Celebrating How Everyone Pronounces Brand Differently

Directing the new spot is UNCANNY, whose previous credits include a one-take for the Lil Yachty-featuring Fred again.. track "stayinit."

Corteiz has something to ask you.

This week, the British streetwear brand, founded back in 2017 by Clint 419, enlisted UNCANNY to bring to life its latest reminder that "Corteiz rules the world." The resulting 45-second spot, captioned on Instagram and Twitter with a fittingly all-caps "HOW DO YOU SAY IT," sees the label's name spoken in a variety of ways by a variety of people.

Black dog with text overlay "CORTEZ RULES THE WORLD."

It's a playful move from the brand, and one it notably teased at the top of the month with a similarly worded inquiry:

how do you say corteiz

— CORTEIZ (@crtzrtw) March 1, 2024

In February, Corteiz's Valentine's Day-themed drop was featured among Complex's choices for that week's best style releases. Joining the brand's limited-time-only drop were collections from Supreme, Avirex, Who Decides War, Homerun, and more.

The UNCANNY name may be familiar to Lil Yachty fans, as George Muncey and Elliott Elder’s filmmaking moniker was recently credited with the one-take for "stayinit" with Fred again.. and Overmono.

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