Black-Owned Brand Sadé + Shaniya Launches New Capsule Collection Using 3D and AR Technology

The brand kicked off back in 2017 with co-founders and co-designers Sadé Lewis and Shaniya Charles, who have been best friends since high school.

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Fashion and lifestyle brand Sadé + Shaniya is tapping into the wealth of creative experiences made possible by the latest and greatest in 3D and augmented reality technology for its new capsule collection titled the Looking Glass.

"Like many other brands, due to the pandemic, we had to change our plans to release our capsule collection," co-designer and co-founder Sadé Lewis said of the brand's inspiring and experimental approach to unveiling the new collection, pre-orders for which launched Monday. "Inspired by the unique ways brands were presenting their latest collections despite all of the restrictions, as well as our love for the traditional runway style, we brainstormed and decided to incorporate both digital and physical elements to our show."

Founded by best friends Sadé Lewis and Shaniya Charles, the Black-owned brand officially launched back in the summer of 2017 and is built on an art-forward ethos with an eye toward encouraging creativity, innovation, womanhood, and culture.

As Charles explained, great care was taken in choosing textiles here that would "embody" very specific qualities.

"While the textiles we choose are not overtly reflective, we wanted the textiles to embody the qualities of each woman we envisioned: buoyant, soft but yet solid," Charles said. "The luxe velvets, corduroys, hammered textured silks, flowing pleats, and moiré seen throughout very much reflects the qualities of the women we know and love dearly."

The collection itself boasts the Mora bag for $60, the Asymmetrical Blazer for $250, and more.

Below, catch a selection of product shots before scoping out the full collection via the official Sadé + Shaniya here. Up top, watch the Looking Glass experience in full.


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