Raury Models Opening Ceremony’s Fall 2014 Collection in Wish Atlanta's New Editorial

Raury wears the latest Opening Ceremony fall 2014 collection in Wish ATL's new editorial.

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The Atlanta music scene is ripe with young talent. One of those leading the way is 18-year-old Ruary. If you’re not familiar with him, check him out in this new editorial by Wish Atlanta. The ATL boutique tapped the genre-bending artist to help them highlight Opening Ceremony’s fall 2014 collection. The result is a set of vivid imagery thanks to the colorful clay tennis court backdrop.  

The editorial features the selection of graphic tees, sweaters, and sweatpants, as well as standout pieces, such as jackets with matching pants featuring an enlarged fingerprint motif, and the zipper gusset tee that reveals a panel detail. Of course, Raury adds his personal touch in the images, wearing what has become his signature straw hat. 

Opening Ceremony’s fall 2014 collection is available now on the Wish ATL website. If you want to bump some of Raury’s tunes, his first album, Indigo Childdrops today for free99. 








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