"Friday Night Lights" Author Spends Thousands of Dollars on Gucci to Satisfy His Addiction

When he dies burry him inside a Gucci store.

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For many young guys, clothes are their version of crack. Not one piece ever satisfies their needs, and they'd sell their little brother's schoolbooks to cop the newest exclusive drop. They feel the need to be dipped in that new new. But one man putting everyone to shame is Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger. He is living proof that there are people out there spending money on $91,500 tees. His shopaholic drug of choice is Gucci. The writer penned a 6-page humble brag article forGQ about his addiction to the luxury brand, plus others, and the numbers he throws out on his spending are mind numbing. Below is an excerpt of the article. Read the rest on the GQ website.

"Gucci by far makes up the highest percentage of my collection. The Gucci brand has always held special power for me, ever since the 1960s, when the Gucci loafer with the horsebit hardware was the rage, and my father, who fancied himself as being anti-status when he secretly loved it, broke down and bought a pair. Followed by my mother's purchase of the famous Jackie O. shoulder bag. As a 13-year-old, I circled the old store on Fifth Avenue several times before getting up the courage to go in and buy a Gucci wallet covered with the insignia."

[via GQ]

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