Baxter of California x Bison Made's Straight Razor Strop Is a Great Gift for Your Dad, but Only if Your Dad Is a Badass

It's time your pops taught you something, too.

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Baxter of California and Bison Made got together and collaborated on a Straight Razor Strop. Right now, you’re probably asking yourself  “what the fuck is that?” Ask your dad, and he’ll probably tell you it was used to sharpen and polish straight edge blades when men were actually men and shaved their faces with the risk of slicing their throats open. Then you’ll feel like a chump for using a triple blade shaver with a guard on it.

This strop in particular has all the manly details. Copper hardware, horsehide leather, and other natural materials your pops would nerd out on. You can also replace the leather or canvas materials over time. It’s a great gift for your dad, and maybe he can teach you a thing or two about being a man. So when the time comes to inherit this item, you’ll be stropping like a pro.

Visit the Baxter of California website and cop for $125.

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