The Best Life Hacks

For those just out here tryna function, these are the best life hacks.

life hacks pots pegboard

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life hacks pots pegboard

The fact that life hacks exist proves two things: 1. that we’re doing just about everything wrong, and 2. that there are a bunch of people out there living in the future. Thanks to the Internet (and namely Reddit), however, all the geniuses living in 3020 have a way to share all their surprisingly useful knowledge about hacking the world around them with the rest of us luddites.

As you might assume, the name “life hack” comes from the hacker world—think computer nerds and programming geeks. It’s related to creating digital shortcuts that allow IT professionals to get shit done faster in life. Pulled from the computer screen to the real world, these hacks are smarter ways of making everyday activities and work more efficient. And the best part? They usually rely on things you have lying around the house.

Certain life hacks seem too obvious to be true, and others seem impossible to pull off, but, trust us, all of these life hacks will solve a problem you probably deal with daily but never realized was secretly ruining your week.

From finding ways rubberbands can get rid of just about every inconvenience known to man to figuring out how make things colder very, very quickly, life hacks prove that, with a little creativity, everyday products can become invaluable—or at least, they can make someone’s day just a little bit easier.

There are lifehacks for just about every personality type, from people looking for quick fixes to step up their style, to those who need solutions because they live in tiny apartments, to twentysomethings who don’t have everything figured out yet. We’ve sifted through the most useful life hacks floating around the Internet to bring you The 50 Best Life Hacks of All Time. You can thank us for saving you a few hours every day.


50. Make More Room with Soda Tabs

life hacks soda tab

49. Use a Rubberband on Your Door To Keep It Open

life hacks rubberband door

If you need to keep your door propped open to move furniture or take out your trash, this is an easy way to save you from digging for your keys each time.


48. Shower Cap Your Shoes

life hacks showercap shoes

47. Remove Toothpaste Stains

life hacks toothpaste stains

46. Use a Can Opener

life hacks can opener blister pack

45. Hang Pots on Peg Board

life hacks pots pegboard

44. Maintain a Garbage-Free Car

life hacks garbage free car

43. Hang a Tennis Ball

life hacks hang a tennis ball

42. Use Teabags to Treat Sunburn

life hacks tea bags

41. Create a Drip-Free Icepack

life hacks ica packs

40. Shave Your Sweaters

life hacks shave sweaters

39. Soften Masking Tape

life hacks masking tape

38. Stuff Drinking Glasses in Socks

life hacks socks glasses

37. Fix a Stuck Zipper with Graphite

life hacks graphite zipper

36. Easily Declutter Bathroom Cabinets

life hacks magnet declutter

35. Protect Your Car with Pool Noodles

life hacks pool nooldle

34. Stuff Newspaper in Your Shoes to Remove Odors

life hacks newspaper shoes

33. Conceal Scratches on the Whip

life hacks conceal scratches

32. Toss the Boxes for More Space

life hacks throw out boxes

31. Hang Items Off of Bungee Cords

life hacks bungee cord

30. Use a Lotion Bottle for Storage

life hacks lotion bottle

29. Dissolve Ink Stains

life hacks ink stain

28. Pile Plates on Foam Plates When Moving

life hacks foam plates

27. Stack Your Bed over a Hidden Storage Unit

life hacks under bed storage

26. Try on Pants Without a Fitting Room

life hacks jeans fit

25. Build a Sliding Pantry to Make More Space

life hacks sliding pantry

24. Remove Dents

life hacks car dent

23. Easily Build a Smartphone Dock in Your Car

life hacks smart phone dock

22. Make DIY Tumblers

life hacks diy tumbler

21. Create a Magnetic Ironing Board

life hacks frozen ironing board

20. Make Your Beers Colder Quickly WIth a Wet Paper Towel

life hacks frozen cold beer

19. Keep Your Pizza Warm in the Car

life hacks pizza warm

18. Rub Walnuts on Wood to Restore It

life hacks frozen walnuts wood

17. Wrap a Rubberband Around the Paint Can While Painting

life hacks frozen can of paint

16. Stack 'Em

life hacks stack vertically

15. Install a Cooler in the Car

life hacks frozen cooler in car

14. Make DIY Taco Shells

life hacks frozen diy tacos

13. Use a Binder Clip as a Money Clip/Key Holder

life hacks binder money clip

12. Easily Re-Seal Open Bags

life hacks reseal botte top

11. Use a Staple Remover When Organizing Your Key Ring

life hacks staple remover

10. Use Frozen Grapes to Chill Wine

life hacks frozen grapes

9. Wrap Bottles with Plastic to Avoid Spills During Moving

life hacks wrap bottles plastic

8. Use Muffin Tins for Condiments

life hacks muffin tins

7. Tie Extension Cords Together To Keep Them From Unplugging

life hacks tie extension cords

6. Fill Up a Bucket by Putting a Dustpan Under Your Faucet

life hacks dustpan bucket

5. Protect Your Cables

life hacks protect cables

4. Organize Cables at Your Desk

life hacks oraganize cables

3. Maximize Space with Magnet Containers

life hacks magnets

2. Close Bags with Hanger Clips

life hacks hanger clips

1. Use Wine Boxes to Store Shoes

life hacks wine box

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