Artist Adds Fluorescent Ice Blocks to This Hotel Room Made of Frost and Snow

Toshihiko Shibuya brings his colorful, icy creations to Hokkaido to promote tourism in the chilly town.

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A touch of color goes a long way. Japanese artistToshihiko Shibuya has revamped a guest room at the Ice Hills Hotel into a psychedelic, multicolored winter wonderland using just a few blocks of ice.

Located in Sweden Hills, a Hokkaido village modeled and named after the Scandinavian country, the Ice Hills Hotel features a stark, subzero facade and interior space. Together with Clark Gallery and SHIFT, however, Shibuya has managed to add a bit of warmth and wonder to one of the hotel's three guest rooms, installing volumes of fluorescent ice within the space's frosty walls. Known for his colorful, wintry creations, Shibuya created this project The Ice Pallet, as part of a Creative Hokkaido project, which aims to promote tourism in Hokkaido, a town known for its bitterly cold climate.

"We would like to overturn the negative association of the snow with bitter cold,” said Hidenobu Nakaya, who designed the icebound hotel. “I want people to experience the winter chill of the north and enjoy another world.” With Shibuya's otherworldly project, however, the Ice Hills Hotel is sure to attract curious guests.

[via DesignBoom]

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