An OVO Store Will Be Opening in Toronto Any Day Now

Drake posted a picture to Instagram last night confirming so.

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Praise Drizzy. Those who didn't get a chance to stop by Drake's pop-up shop this summer will have another chance to cop some OVO gear. Last night, the rapper shared a photo of a store exterior, whose signage features his crew's unmistakable owl logo. Although the windows are still covered, Aubrey's caption said enough.

"Proud of my guy @oliverelkhatib OVO Store opening soon. #6Side,"​ he wrote, shouting out to fellow founder Oliver El-Khatib and the 416—that's what the "#6Side" and name of his forthcoming album Views From the 6 are referring to. 

Much to the displeasure of eager fans, Drake didn't give any details. However, we're assuming the store is located in Toronto and will sell apparel similar to old merch. In the past, he's sold zip-up hoodies, pull-overs, tees, hats, and even flandanas.

Some Toronto-based fans who commented on the photo wrote that they've seen the shop in passing. Only time will tell. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: The Toronto Star has confirmed that Drake's soon-to-open OVO Store is indeed located in downtown Toronto. Reporters visited the address, 899 Dundas St. W., to scope out the scene.

As of last Thursday, the gold owl has apparently been taken down from the storefront. Peeking inside, reporters saw a "clutter of renovations." An employee said the shop is still under construction.

“We’ll be opening real soon for the Christmas rush,” said the worker, offering no other detail. 

Looks like it's time to book those flights to Toronto, people.

UPDATE: The address of the new OVO store is 899 Dundas St. West in downtown Toronto. It opens this Saturday, Dec. 6 at 11 a.m. 

Get ready. 


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