GucciGhost on Scamming His Way to a Gucci Collab

The artist known as Gucci Ghost turned a simple Halloween costume into a Gucci collab worn by Rihanna and Elton John.

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Trevor Andrew may be Canadian, but he's living the American dream. To be fair, it's a very specific version of the American dream that includes turning a last minute, DIY Halloween costume into a full-fledged collaboration with the hotter-than-ever Italian fashion house Gucci—but it's a dream come true, nonetheless.

Back on October 31, 2013, the Olympic snowboarder-turned-artist and occasional musician—also known as Trouble Andrew, also also known as singer Santigold's husband—cut two holes in a Gucci bedsheet and hit the streets of his adopted hometown of New York. With that, his newest alter ego, the aptly named GucciGhost, was born. The persona stuck, and Andrew ran with it, leaving his GucciGhost tag wherever he could. Eventually, his work caught the eye of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, who brought him on board to customize a capsule collection of Gucci product adorned with graffiti-style flips of the label's double-G logo and other hand-drawn doodles that are in line with the brand's new, playful direction.

And now his work has been given a bigger platform than ever, as he's taken over Gucci's Fifth Avenue flagship in New York, temporarily redesigning the store's facade. We caught up with the Ghost himself at the collection's official launch party this week to talk about scamming his way to the top and who wore GucciGhost x Gucci best: Elton John or Rihanna.

Gucci Ghost product at Gucci's 5th Ave store

Tell me the truth: Was this GucciGhost persona all just an elaborate scam to get some of that Gucci money?
[Laughs]I don’t think it was a scam, because it was honest, and it represents a part of me. But, it definitely was something that I thought ahead of time, that was premeditated in a way. Most people were like, “You’re crazy. It’s never going to happen. Gucci would never fucking talk to you. They don’t even light their own cigarettes. You’re going to get sued.” And I just kept being positive about it. It was the right timing with Alessandro. He noticed it and understood it and didn’t see it as a threat. It was premeditated, but it wasn’t a scam. It was real.

How did Gucci get in touch with you for the first time?
It was through an old friend of mine, Ari Marcopoulos, who’s a photographer. We know each other from being on snowboard trips together. Coincidentally, he actually ran into me the first Halloween I made this costume. Going to New York and walking around in the GucciGhost costume, and the reaction amongst all of the different costumes—it was like, “Wow, people get it.” It’s so simple and fun. It sparked curiosity. 

Do you still have the sheet?
Yeah, totally.

Did you show it to Alessandro?
Oh, yeah. I brought it to Rome and Milan. It’s like the mascot.

Rihanna in New York with a Gucci bag

Who were you more excited to see wearing the GucciGhost pieces, Elton John or Rihanna?
Oh, I have to say Elton John. I can’t even say that. I would say both. Elton John is an OG, you know what I mean? Being in the game for so long and all the things that he experienced—for it to resonate with him, it was amazing. For somebody like Rihanna, who’s so current and such a household name, it’s amazing. But, it’s also just as amazing to see people walk out of the store with it. Just a regular person with it—that is really exciting. I’m so thankful for it, and it is still setting in with me, even though I believed in it so much, and I knew it would become real.

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