Craghoppers’ SS24 Collection Is Grounded In British Landscape

Meticulously crafted clothing, purpose-built for every environment and place.

All images via Craghoppers

Yorkshire-based outdoor specialist Craghoppers has revealed its Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, focusing on the relationship people have with the natural world. 

“We all share a world, and the responsibility for protecting it, and yet each of us live in a different version, a different place,” a press release from the brand reads. “Your world might be rugged, challenging, extreme or gentle, easy and nearby but whichever place you are in, whichever adventure you choose, Craghoppers is here to help you discover it.”

At the heart of the collection lies a guiding ethos, skilfully connecting adventure and intrigue. The result is a comprehensive range of functional gear, spanning waterproof jackets, hiking boots, camping equipment, and poles, all of which is stylishly presented while shedding light on the practical functions inherent to each piece.

Arguably, the highlight is the new NosiLife collection, Craghopper’s unparalleled insect repellent technology. The adventure-ready line serves as a defence against biting insects such as midges and mosquitoes, ensuring your protection wherever you find yourself.

Get a closer look at the Craghoppers Spring/Summer 2024 collection in the shots below.

Person in hiking gear with poles standing on a rock
Man with backpack and walking poles in hiking attire, including a jacket and cargo pants
Individual in oversized puffer jacket with hood up, sunglasses, and shorts, hands in pockets, posing against a white background
Person in oversized quilted coat and wide-brim hat, with sheer veil covering face, posing dramatically
Person in hiking gear with backpack standing on a rock

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