The Best Hoodies Under $100

From Stussy to Union LA, here are our current favorites for the best takes on the quintessential streetwear component, the hoodie.

Best Hoodies Under $100
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Best Hoodies Under $100

It is an undeniable fact that hoodies are the most versatile piece of clothing known to man. OK, maybe not “undeniable” or “fact” for that matter, but hoodies definitely know very few bounds. The coziness of the fleece. The cloaky-ness of the hood. The utility of the kangaroo pouch pocket. And, if you style them right, they can truly contribute to your lounge- or luxurywear in the zip of a placket or tie of a collar string. But for many sensibly-styled individuals, it’s hard to justify spending major guap on one. Well, you certainly don’t have to since some of the best brands in the sportswear and streetwear industry offer up plenty of reasonably priced options while still giving you the look, cut and quality you’d expect for hoodies double or triple the price. And they are ideal for this quarantine time period, when overthinking getting dressed is the last priority.

Grab a little chunk of that tax return money and you can have of the best hoodies under $100 for yourself, as a treat. 

Union LA x LA Dodgers Crown Hoodie

union hoodie

Price: $100

Where to Buy It: Complex Shop

Union LA is world renowned and commonly referred to as one of the best shops in the world. So, when they team up with one of the most recognizable and popular baseball teams in the world to offer up a hoodie under an arm and a leg, you best take action.

Quartersnacks Snackman Hoodie

Quarter Snacks hoodie

Price: $100

Where to Buy It: Tres Bien

Legendary NYC skate brand has graced us with an embroidered version of their infamous “snackman” logo in this cotton terry pullover. Probably not going to find better quality at this price, fam.

Nike Club Popover Hoodie


nike hoodie

Price: $55

Where to Buy It: END Clothing

These clean Nike Popover hoodies are essential as they provide you with a variety of colors when you want to create a signature vibe that says “cozy AF at all times.”

Dickies Pro Full Zip Fleece Hoodie 


dickies hoodie

Price: $44

Where to Buy It: Dickies

An extremely durable, water- and oil-repellent hoodie from one of the most well-known workwear brands in the world? Wear that stolen valor with pride. 

Complex Sneaker Shopping Hoodie

Complex Sneaker Shopping Hoodie Front

Price: $45

Where to Buy It: Complex Shop

Yea, we’re going to toot our own horn and plug the literal Source™ for sneaker video series’, our very own Sneaker Shopping with a logo flip of the iconic “Thank You For Shopping” plastic bag insignia.


The New York Times Truth Pullover Hoodie


New York Times Hoodie

Price: $64

Where to Buy It: Need Supply

Whether you read The New York Times or not, it's irrelevant to the fact that this hoodie can at least make you look like you’re constantly seeking knowledge while advocating for freedom of the press.

Patagonia Uprisal Hoodie


patagonia hoodie

Price: $79

Where to Buy It: Patagonia

Ninety-five percent of this hoodie is made of recycled cotton and is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn. But you don’t care because it has the Patagonia logo plastered on the front and that’s all that really matters. 


Stray Rats Ratgirl Heart Hoodie


ratgirl hoodie

Price: $86

Where to Buy It: Bodega

Stray Rats has lowkey been one of the coolest streetwear brands for the past five years, at least. Hell, they got the reclusive Frank Ocean to pose in their lookbook. If you can find any hoodie—especially this very cool, very simple Rat Girl joint—from the Miami-based brand for under $100, there’s is zero reason not to hop on it.


Champion "MoMA" Edition Hoodie

moma hoodie

Price: $80

Where to Buy It: MoMa Design Store

Museum merch is the new concert merch because your natural maturation makes you appreciate culturally significant history and art while condemning crowds, loud noises and people in general. And this MoMA hoodie doesn’t make you look like a stuck-up, privileged prick.


Pleasures Moto Hoodie

Palace hoodie

Price: $80

Where to Buy It: Pleasures

Pleasures has been around for a few years, but they’ve really hit their stride lately with great design and quality through the roof, all while keeping their pieces reasonably priced, including this French terry hoodie with embroidered logo.



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