Sorry Everyone, Tyler, the Creator's Louis Vuitton Waffle Bag Is Not Releasing

Louis Vuitton confirms that one of the standout items from Tyler, the Creator's collaboration did not go into production.

Via Instagram/@feliciathegoat

Bad news for Tyler, the Creator fans, Louis Vuitton collectors, and breakfast lovers alike. You know that incredible waffle bag that Tyler designed with LV, the one with the syrup bottle tag and buttery branding? It will not be releasing to the public.

A representative for Louis Vuitton confirmed to Complex that the waffle-inspired bag will not be hitting stores as part of Tyler, the Creator's upcoming collection on March 21. It was canceled globally and did not go into production. The reasoning for this cancelation has not been communicated at this time.

The waffle-shaped bag was one of the highlights from Tyler's capsule collection not only for its playful nature, but also its multi-layered storytelling that nods to the BBC Ice Cream waffle print hoodies Pharrell was designing in the 2000s and Tyler's personal appreciation for the breakfast entrée.

Given the news, the one that we saw Tyler showing off on Instagram may be the only one in existence. So please, don't fall for any listings online you may see trying to sell one. It's likely just a knockoff.

Despite the unfortunate news of this bag's cancelation, make sure those bank accounts are still ready. There are still plenty of whimsical items that will be available from Tyler's first LV collection like a crooked chess board, dog-shaped crossbody, eclair-shaped leather pouches, and BMX bike key chains.

But man, we can't help but be a bit bummed out. That waffle bag was something special. What could have been.

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