From $270 Socks to a $31,000 Golf Bag, This Is How Much Tyler, the Creator x Louis Vuitton Will Cost You

We highlight some of the items from Tyler, the Creator’s monumental LV collab and tell you their prices.

Via Louis Vuitton

If you’re anything like us, you can’t stop thinking about the Tyler, the Creator x Louis Vuitton collection since it was revealed last week. We’ve already provided some of our thoughts on the collaboration, but there’s one thing we haven’t seen: the pricing. 

Thanks to some internal documents obtained by Complex, we now know how much it will cost to add some Craggy Monogram to our closets. Unfortunately, we still don’t know how much the waffle bag costs (we’re as bummed about it as you are). 

We’ll get this out of the way now. We know that Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand. We didn’t expect this stuff to be affordable. This isn’t us trying to diminish the collaboration. We’re big fans of it and think it's incredible to see Tyler, the Creator have the chance to design a capsule for Louis Vuitton. But seeing that a chess board costs over $18,000 is still crazy, right? 

We weren’t able to cover every single piece below. As a general guide, expect to pay $565–$1,840 for shirts, $1,090–$2,080 for pants, $1,960–$6,750 for outerwear, $835–$1,750 for footwear, $230–$875 for accessories, and $330–$68,000 for bags and small leather goods. Don’t think just because some of these pieces cost a month’s rent that it will stop us from owning something. We’re going to find a way. And it will be well worth it. Check out the prices for some of the standout items from the Tyler x LV collection, below.

Golf Bag

Eclair Key Holder

Cereal Bowl and Spoon

Craggy Windbreaker

Chess Box

Keepall Bandoulière 50

Craggy Fleece Collar Aviator Jacket

Courrier Lozine 110

LV Trainer

Fox Damier Technical Anorak

Craggy Fleece Blouson

Craggy Belt

Craggy Socks

Craggy Silk Square

Christopher MM Backpack

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