Five Highlights From the 'What's Next for Streetwear?' Panel at ComplexCon

These are some of the notable moments from the conversation between Complex's Aria Hughes, Luka Sabbat, Sonya Sombreuil, and Nick Holiday.

David J Crewe

Streetwear is a word that means many different things to many different people. For that reason, it's always a bit challenging to forecast where streetwear will go next. 

Gone are the days where streetwear was just a niche community spotlighting graffiti and hip-hop through graphic T-shirts and hoodies. While those elements are still at the core of the equation, now it's a multi-billion dollar industry. Streetwear has infiltrated the runways of major fashion houses, the aisles of your local supermarket, and beyond. 

"Every kind of product is invoked in streetwear, not just clothes," says model and Marking Distance founder Luka Sabbat.

At ComplexCon 2023, Aria Hughes sat down with Sabbat, Come Tees founder Sonya Sombreuil, and Holiday founder Nick Holiday for a ComplexCon(versation) to get their thoughts on the current state of the industry. In case you weren't able to make it out to Long Beach this weekend, check out some highlights below. 

Luka Sabbat on the Impact of Virgil Abloh

Luka Sabbat on His New Brand, Marking Distance

Sonya Sombreuil on the Challenges She's Faced Building Her Brand, Come Tees

Nick Holiday's Advice for Starting a Streetwear Brand

What's Next in Streetwear?

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