Some of January's Biggest Jewelry Purchases from Travis Scott, Conor McGregor, and More

Travis Scott's Jesus pieces and Conor McGregor's $1 million watch from Jacob and Co. are some of January's biggest celebrity jewelry purchases.

Travis Scott Franchise

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

Travis Scott Franchise

One of the many perks of immense wealth is all of that disposable income. While many of us will never be able to spend six figures on a wrist watch or have the pleasure of commisioning a jeweler to create a diamond-covered pendant that nobody else has, some of our favorite celebrities do just that on a semi-regular basis. Whether we want to admit it or not, these material goods capture our attention when they hit our social feeds.

Plenty of celebs are copping expensive jewelry on any given day, but some of the pieces stand out more than others. Conor McGregor decided to celebrate his comeback to the UFC with a seven-figure timepiece from New York legend, Jacob the Jeweler. Travis Scott got Takashi Murakami to sketch him some original artwork that Elliot Eliantte turned into colorful pendants for his whole team. But those aren’t the only standouts from last month. Check out some of the biggest celebrity jewelry purchases from January below. 

Conor McGregor's $1 Million Watch

Travis Scott's Jesus Pieces

Asian Doll's King Von Chain

TI's Rare Audemars Piguet

50 Cent's 'For Life' Ring

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