Top 10 Travis Scott x McDonald's Merch Items

From shirts & hoodies to a nugget pillow & cardboard cutouts, here's 10 best items from the McDonald’s x Travis Scott Cactus Jack collab.

Best Travis Scott x McDonald's Merch Items
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Best Travis Scott x McDonald's Merch Items

If someone had told you that Travis Scott’s highly-publicized collaboration with McDonald’s would have resulted in a merch capsule of over 100 items released across three days, would you have believed them? Well, that’s exactly what was served to the masses.

Sure, the Travis Scott Meal itself is nothing more than a Quarter Pounder combo with a side of barbecue sauce. It didn’t come with the plastic La Flame toy featured in the commercial in classic Happy Meal fashion like many speculated. There wasn’t a Cactus Jack logo stamped on the bag or cardboard packaging of the $6 combo either. But the extensive amount of merch, very well-executed merch at that, more than made up for the lack of experience provided by Golden Arches locations across the country. 

There were plenty of things to choose from–T-shirts, hoodies, meal trays, and even cardboard cutouts –but some easily stood out among the rest. Check out our picks for the top 10 best items from the Travis Scott x McDonald's collection below. 

10. McNugget Body Pillow

Travis Scott x McDonald's McNugget Body Pillow

9. Sticker Bomb Hoodie

Travis Scott x McDonald's Sticker Bomb Hoodie

8. 'I'm Lovin' it' Lunch Tray

Travis Scott x McDonald's 'I'm Lovin' it' Lunch Tray

7. Sesame III T-shirt 'Brown'

Travis Scott x McDonald's Sesame III T shirt 'Brown'

6. 'Billions Served' Work Jacket

Travis Scott x McDonald's Billions Served Work Jacket

5. Apple Pie T-shirt

Travis Scott x McDonald's Apple Pie T shirt

4. Cactus Pack Vintage Blanket

Travis Scott x McDonald's Blanket

3. Action Figure Lifesize Cut-out

travis scott mcdonalds merch 2

2. CPFM for CJ Burger Mouth T-shirt

CPFM x Cactus Jack

1. Cactus Jack All-American Basketball Jersey

Cactus Jack All American Basketball Jersey

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