The Best Travis Scott 'ASTROWORLD' Merch, Ranked

From Reese's Puffs cereal boxes to tie dye T-shirts, here are our picks for the 10 best pieces of Travis Scott's 'ASTROWORLD' merch.

Best Travis Scott 'Astroworld' Merch Lead
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Best Travis Scott 'Astroworld' Merch Lead

You would be hard pressed to find a rapper with a more loyal fan base than Travis Scott these days. The numerous examples of adrenaline-fueled stage diving and moshing seen in his recently-released Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly, which follows him throughout his monumental 2018-2019 run, prove just how much the Houston native’s following values him.  

Scott returns the love rather generously, too. Over the years, he has provided fans with a ton of merch that ranges from ordinary items like T-shirts to much more unique offerings like cereal bowls and spoons. As far as back as the Never Sober tour in 2014, Scott was producing limited edition merch. Other early supporters of the Mo City artist might point to his very of-the-moment collaboration with Been Trill as one of the more memorable items, while some might hold his Anti tour merch when he opened up for Rihanna in 2016 in high regard. 

Regardless of how long you have been a fan or what other merch you might have copped, there is no denying that the run of merch centered around the album release, world tour, and festival run for ASTROWORLD has been the most robust and coveted to date. Scott certainly isn’t the first artist to get people buzzing over his merch. The recent wave of vintage rock band tees and Kanye West’s Yeezus and Life of Pablo collections are other notable instances. But Scott has certainly been able to keep demand high for his pieces. 

Fresh off of the release of some new T-shirts and hoodies marking the premier of Look Mom I Can Fly on Netflix, we decided to rank our 10 favorite pieces of ASTROWORLD-era Travis Scott merch (so far). And before anyone asks, the capsule of apparel he released with Jordan Brand alongside his valuable Air Jordan 1 earlier this year is off limits. Take a look at our selections below. 

10. Reese's Puffs


9. Yellow Tour Hoodie

Travis Scott Yellow Tour Hoodie

8. Virgil Abloh 'By a Thread' T-Shirt

Virgil Abloh 'By a Thread' T shirt

7. 'Look Mom I Can Fly' T-Shirts

Travis Scott Look Mom I Can Fly Customizable Tee

6. Travis Scott x New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat 'Houston Astros/Brown'

Travis Scott x New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat 'Astros/Brown'

5. Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirt

Astroworld Rainbow Tie Dye T shirt

4. 'Put on a Happy Face' T-Shirt

Put on a Happy Face T shirt

3. Half Tie Dye T-Shirt (Europe)

Half Tie Dye T shirt Europe

2. 'Wish You Were Here' Hoodie

'Wish You Were Here' Hoodie

1. 'I Love NY' Long Sleeve T-Shirt

'I Love NY' Long Sleeve

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