London's Rinse FM and a number of names* are Hosting Late @ Tate Britain Tonight, and You Should Go

Fashion, music, and digital art all come together at the Tate Britain, thanks to Rinse and a number of names*.

Images via a number of names*

In the latest installment of the Late Tate series, London's Rinse is taking over Tate Britain to celebrate 20 years of constant evolution. The night will tell the story of how the radio station, the cities and the nations of the United Kingdom have played a significant role in the shaping of youth culture throughout the globe. A selection of creators and commentators will be bringing to life the narrative of trends and cycles in music and fashion, curated by Rinse

The program of the evening gives opportunities for visitors to engage with the people laying out the blueprints for the youth culture of tomorrow, with spaces in the building hosting different themes. A panel discussion around trends, cycles and bridges of influence between music and fashion will be hosted by Dean Kissick, of i-D and The Guardian, with panel members including Nasir Mazhar, widely considered one of London's most exciting designers, Venus X of GHE20G0THIK, British designer Katie Eary, one of garage music's most iconic figures DJ Spoony, co-founder of Hessle Audio Ben UFO, and filmmaker Rollo Jackson.

Music Production masterclasses are on offer from 3 seminal british producers of the past 20 years, with each breaking down one of their pivotal pieces and talking through the technology and cultureal factors which shaped their approach to writing and producing the song. Taking part are Krust (co-founder of the prolific Full Cycle crew), MJ Cole (repected jungle-era engineer, who became one of the most revered producers of the garage era), and Mumdance, the young gun.

Fashion Installations are also taking place, with Cav Empt, a new brand from graphic designer Sk8thing (who's work has been used by Bape, Billionaire Boys Club and a host of other Japanese brands), and Toby Feltwell (Nigo's right-hand man in Tokyo for the past ten years), alongside Hishi (a clothing designer for Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream) leading the charge with their SS15 presentation.

British brand Duffer of St. George are premiering 'Style Brokers', the first and only documentary of the British brand that accidently-on-purpose sparked the UK streetwear culture that we know today. The film is by Stroma, daughter of Duffer designer Marco Cairns. Storma started the project as a way for her to get to know her dad’s younger days but soon discovered the wider spectrum of people involved in this culture, this spurred her on to create the ‘Style Brokers’. 

Entrance to the events tonight are free, and everything kicks off at 6pm at the Tate Britain, and we wholeheartedly recommend you head down.


Address: Millbank London, SW1 4RG 
Nearest Tube: Pimlico (Victoria Line) 

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