London's Merc Is Bringing Back the Mod with Its Latest Range of Harrington Jackets

Get your Vespa headlights out.

Images via Merc

The Mod movement in the UK can be thanked for a lot of the things present in contemporary wardrobes. Not least of all, the classic Harrington jacket, which is a still a staple style in most men's wardrobes and a style icon in its own right. Identified by its slanted pockets, elasticated waist and cuffs and, in most cases, a tartan lining (traditionally of the Scottish Fraser Clan), the clean lines and timeless cut make it an enduring classic, a jacket of rebels and presidents alike.

Since being championed by the Mods—and appropriated from its 1930's golfing roots via Bebop musicians like Miles Davis—the Harrington jacket has been the epitome of smart-casual style, and has been embraced by subsequent subcultures throughout the following decades, from Skinheads and Scooterboys, to Ska and the Two Tone movement of 79-81, to Punk and the Britpop scene of the '90s​.

British brand Merc was born from a market stall on Carnaby Street, opened in 1967 by Javid Alavi, who quickly found he had grown into opening a fully fledged store, dressing the changing face of London, in Merc. While his ranges have evolved and grown over time, the heritage range stays true to the original movements he was dressing, with the classic Harrington providing the key style.

With a nod and a wink to where it all began, the collection is full of heavy textures, vintage geo and wallpaper-inspired prints, and traditional cuts given a contemporary update. Deepened shades bring dark muted burgundies, foggy navy and greys to the forefront, accented with rich cream to form a modern-nostalgic collection. While slick tailoring is king, mixing country textures with sharp city cuts, outerwear from the iconic Parkas and Harringtons provides a harder edge that keep the collection firmly tied to its roots. The Carnaby Street of the 60’s may not exist on the streets of London anymore, but thanks to Merc, it is very much alive. 

Check out more images of the Merc Harrington, and shop the collection on the Merc webstore.





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